5-day Workshop on CISCO Cyber Security Essentials for Police Personnel at CRISP

03 MPPR Cyber
CRISP recently hosted a comprehensive 5-day "CISCO Cyber Security Essentials" training at CRISP premises. Three Inspectors from MP Police (Radio) participated, enhancing their skills in critical areas of network security.
02 Cyber Sec Certi 28 Jun 24The intensive program provided hands-on experience in establishing, managing, and securing Wide Area Networks, focusing on enterprise-level environments using CISCO devices. Key topics covered included types of cyber threats and attacks, prevention strategies and best practices, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing techniques, and effective monitoring and incident reporting protocols.
Participants engaged in practical exercises, gaining real-world insights into network security challenges. The training received enthusiastic feedback, with officers expressing keen interest in future advanced programs on security and ethical hacking.
Participants were given a tour of CRISP facilities to complement the technical training, providing context to the organization's broader operations and capabilities. On the concluding day, CRISP CMO Shri Rajesh Maheshwari presented certificates to the officers, recognizing their dedication and newly acquired expertise.