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A two-month-long training on IoT Network Specialist was organized at CRISP where 14 talented SC/ST candidates embarked on a transformative learning experience under the guidance of Consultant Trainer  VLSI Embedded Systems and IoT, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, and Sr. Manager – Training, Mrs. Asha Nair. The course was divided into different sessions including.

Feature of Program:

IOTIoT Expertise: These budding technocrats have delved deep into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). They've mastered the art of connecting devices and systems, harnessing the power of IoT to shape our digital future.
Microcontrollers: Our students have honed their skills in programming microcontrollers, giving life to their innovative ideas through embedded systems.
IoT Sensors Integration: Understanding the intricacies of IoT sensor integration is crucial in building smart solutions, and our trainees are now well-versed in this field.
Home Automation: Creating smart homes for the future, our students have acquired the knowledge to automate and optimize household tasks, making life more convenient and sustainable.
Environmental Monitoring: They've also learned the importance of using IoT for environmental monitoring, contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.
Networking Concepts: In an increasingly connected world, our trainees have grasped the essentials of networking, ensuring seamless communication between devices and systems.
Real-world Exposure: To add a real-world touch, our students had the opportunity to visit Bhopal Smart City Corporation and New Hamidiya Hospital. These visits provided valuable insights into IoT networks in action, showcasing the practical implications of their training.