Oracle Database (Sql & PL Sql)

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Basic and Advanced RDBMS Concepts  :
Advanced Entity Relationship Modeling Concepts 
√ Distributed Database Systems
√ Normalization and application of different normal forms
√ Instances, schemas, integrity constraints
√ Query Processing, Optimization and Database Tuning
√ OLAP and OLTP systems
√ DataWarehouse and Data Mining

Oracle Database : Introduction to SQL :
√ Oracle Database 10g Main features
√ Writing SQL SELECT statements
√ Restricting and Sorting Data
√ Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
√ Advanced Sub-Queries to solve queries
√ Manipulating Data
√ Using DDL statements to create and manage tables
√ Creating and managing schema objects
√ Controlling User Access
√ Generating Reports by grouping related data

Oracle Database: Program with PL/SQL :
√ Write Executable Statements
√ Interaction with the Oracle Server
√ Control Structures
√ Composite Data Types
√ Implicit and Explicit Cursors
√ Exception Handling
√ Stored Procedures, Stored Functions and Debugging Subprograms
√ Implement Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development
√ Dynamic SQL, PL/SQL Compiler
√ Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers
√ Manage Dependencies


The programme consists of a mix of :
  • √   Lectures and presentations
  • √   Demonstrations
  • √   Interactive discussions
  • √   Hands-on practice


CRISP is established under Indo-German Cooperation agreement as an autonomous organisation of the Dept. of Technical Education and Skill Development, Govt. of M.P. CRISP provides technical training and consultancy services for Industry Personnel, Government Officers, Faculties of academic and teaching institutions, Students and Jobseekers. CRISP is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, latest software, qualified, trained and experienced trainers in the relevant fields. CRISP has its head office in Bhopal and training centres at several national and international locations.


Oracle certification is a program designed by Oracle Corporation to demonstrate competence with Oracle databases. CRISP is an authorized partner in education with ORACLE under the Workforce Development Program (WDP). CRISP and ORACLE jointly offer Professional level certifications, which are mandatory for professional ORACLE database designers and developers.


Basic knowledge on Computer and DBMS
Graduate in any stream


  • √ 60 Hrs

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