Oracle Database

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Basic and Advanced RDBMS Concepts:  :
√ Advanced Entity Relationship Modeling Concepts
√ Distributed Database Systems
√ Normaliz ation and applic ation of different normal forms
√ Instances, schemas, integrity constraints,
√ Query Processing,Optimizationand DatabaseTuning
√ OLAP and OLTP systems
√ Data Warehouse and Data Mining
Oracle Database : Introduction to SQL:  :
√ Oracle Database 10g Main features
√ Writing SQL SELECT statements
√ Restricting and Sorting Data
√ Reporting Aggreg a ted Da ta Using the Group Functions
√ Advanced Sub-Queries to solve queries
√ Manipulating Data
√ Using DDL statements to create and manage tables
√ Creating and managing schema objects
√ Controlling User Access
√ Generating Reports by grouping related data
√ Managing da ta in different time zones
√ Heirarchical Retrieval

Oracle Database Administration :
√ Introduction to Database architecture
√ Installing Oracle Database Software
√ Creating an Oracle Database
√ Managing the Oracle Instance
√ Managing schema objects
√ Implementing Oracle Database Security
√ Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
√ Pro-active Maintainence
√ Performance Management
√ Performing Database Backups and Database Recovery
√ Performing Flashback


The programme consists of a mix of :
  • √   Lectures and presentations
  • √   Demonstrations
  • √   Interactive discussions
  • √   Hands-on practice


CRISP is established under Indo-German Cooperation agreement as an autonomous organisation of the Dept. of Technical Education and Skill Development, Govt. of M.P. CRISP provides technical training and consultancy services for Industry Personnel, Government Officers, Faculties of academic and teaching institutions, Students and Jobseekers. CRISP is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, latest software, qualified, trained and experienced trainers in the relevant fields. CRISP has its head office in Bhopal and training centres at several national and international locations.


Oracle certific ation is a program designed by Oracle Corpor ation to demonstr a te compe tence with Oracle da tabases. CRISP is an authorized partner in educ ation with ORACLE under the Workforce De velopment Program (WDP). CRISP and ORACLE jointly offer Professional le vel certific ations, which are manda tory for professional ORACLE da tabase designers and de velopers.


Industry personnel with relevant experience.
Graduate or students pursuing Degree / Diploma in
Electronics / CS/ IT Engineering or equivalent.
Working knowledge of Computer


  • √  Full time: 5 working days (7 hours/day)
  • √  Part time: 4 weeks (20 working days, 2 hours/day )

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Kindly refer to our training calendar at or can be obtaind from CRISP counselling desk

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