Module 1   :
√ History and Evolution of Java
√ Data types and Variables
√ Operator and Expressions
√ Control Flow Statements and Arrays
√ Concept of Object – Oriented Programming
√ Introducing Classes
√ A closer look at Methods and Classes
√ Using java Objects
√ Inheritance
√ Interfaces and Abstract Class
√ Packages
√ Exception handling
√ Multithreaded Programming
√ Input/ Output Streams
√ The Applets class and Event Handling
√ String Handling Operations
√ Introducing the AWT: working with windows, Text & Graphics
Module 2  :
√ Introducing and Exploring Swing
√ Networking with Java
√ Remote Method In vocation (RMI)
√ Generics, Annotations


The programme consists of a mix of :
  • √   Lectures and presentations
  • √   Demonstrations
  • √   Interactive discussions
  • √   Hands-on practice


CRISP is established under Indo-German Cooperation agreement as an autonomous organisation of the Dept. of Technical Education and Skill Development, Govt. of M.P. CRISP provides technical training and consultancy services for Industry Personnel, Government Officers, Faculties of academic and teaching institutions, Students and Jobseekers. CRISP is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, latest software, qualified, trained and experienced trainers in the relevant fields. CRISP has its head office in Bhopal and training centres at several national and international locations.


Java is a high-le vel, third gener ation programming language which is used to de velop console and web based applic ations. What is most special about Java in relation to other programming languages as C or Perl, is that it helps to write special programs called “applets” that can be downloaded from the Internet and played sa fely within a web browser. Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. It is one of the most in-demand programming languages; setting a standard for enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile apps, as well as the Android oper ating system. Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, that is a program writ ten on Mac OS X could also run on Windows .


IIndustry personnel with rele vant experience.
Graduate or students pursuing 10+2/ Degree/Diploma
in Electronics/ CS / IT Engineering or equivalent
Working knowledge of Computer
Programming concepts (essential)


  • √  Full time : 8 working days (7 hours/ da y )
  • √  Part time : Module 1 : 4 weeks (20 working days, 2 hours/day) Module 1 and 2 : 6 weeks (30 working days, 2 hours/da y )

Course Fee

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