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CRISP signs an MoU with ‘SM Ethical Trades Pvt. Ltd.’ for promotion of Training & Consultancy in the health sector

CRISP has signed a MOU with ‘SM Ethical Trades Pvt. Ltd.’ for the promotion of trainings & consultancies in the areas of health sector i.e. health policy, health survey, nutrition, old age care, paramedics etc.



Free Seminars on 9th August 2018

Morning Session (10:30-12:30pm)
1. Oracle - More than a Database
2. Data Analytics
3. Internet of Things(IoT)
4. Cyber Security
5. Watershed Management(GIS)
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Afternoon Session (2:30-4:30pm)
1. Futuristic Software Development
2. Connecting Networks - CISCO
3. Recent Trends in RF & Microwave with Capabilities of CST Software
4. Relevance of Laser Alignment in Rotary Machines