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Our approach

“Client  Satisfaction And Customer Delight”

    We believe that an understanding of our clients needs, in line with their business objectives, forms the base of our strategic opportunities in serving them, placing emphasis on result orientation and a thrust on client satisfaction; this leads to a deep rooted relationship with our clients, which is the foundation of our successful outcomes.


Free Seminars on 9th August 2018

Morning Session (10:30-12:30pm)
1. Oracle - More than a Database
2. Data Analytics
3. Internet of Things(IoT)
4. Cyber Security
5. Watershed Management(GIS)
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Afternoon Session (2:30-4:30pm)
1. Futuristic Software Development
2. Connecting Networks - CISCO
3. Recent Trends in RF & Microwave with Capabilities of CST Software
4. Relevance of Laser Alignment in Rotary Machines