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Tool Room Services:

Tool Room & Production Job Work:

  • A modern Training Cum Production Centre, set-up with the support from the Ministry of SME, Govt. of India, caters to the needs of industries, providing assistance to them through consultancy services and production of precision job services.
  • The centre also offers Training courses to prepare skilled artisans & machine operators for the industries through on-the-job-training specifically in production areas, as CNC operation & programming,


Precision job work and on-time delivery, always remain our key features as a service provider.

Other features include :

  • Quality consciousness in job work, leading to minimum rejection
  • Dependability of clients on us
  • Economical & flexible Approach while Honoring Schedules
  • Round-the-clock working ie 24 X 7
  • Experienced Machine Operators

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Free Seminars on 9th August 2018

Morning Session (10:30-12:30pm)
1. Oracle - More than a Database
2. Data Analytics
3. Internet of Things(IoT)
4. Cyber Security
5. Watershed Management(GIS)
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Afternoon Session (2:30-4:30pm)
1. Futuristic Software Development
2. Connecting Networks - CISCO
3. Recent Trends in RF & Microwave with Capabilities of CST Software
4. Relevance of Laser Alignment in Rotary Machines